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We strive to be upfront and transparent with our clients!

Welcome to Alabama Rental Managers

Our goal as your property manager is to MAXIMIZE PROFITS, by striving to rent your property at the highest rate attainable as well as MINIMIZE EXPENSES by effectively managing your home.

Not only do we seek to find QUALIFIED TENANTS to lease your property and PAY RENT ON TIME each month, we also focus on an overlooked aspect of property management: MAINTAINING YOUR PROPERTY.

Thanks to Mr. William Ware for his ARM testimonial!!! We value you as a client!!!
“I have a property in Birmingham where my daughter was living while in school.  She got a job in another city and we were unable to sell the property without a considerable loss.  I do not live in the area so it was very difficult for me to rent and maintain the property myself.  We researched several rental management companies and decided on Alabama Rental Managers.  I have been very pleased.  They were able to lease the property quickly at a good rate (one time they were able to get much higher rent than we had asked for); they find good tenants that take care of the property; they quickly and easily take care of maintenance issues; and their fees are very reasonable.  When the property is vacant they check it frequently to make sure the lights are off and that everything is OK (no leaks, air conditioning problem, etc.).  Once we had someone attempt to break into the property and damaged the front door.  Alabama Rental Managers immediately notified me, they took care of filing the police report, they had the repairs performed, and they monitored the job to make sure the work was satisfactory. We have been very pleased with their services.”