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Arctic Chill for Birmingham

Burrrrr! It has turned incredibly cold for mid-November in Alabama. You can put off your Holiday shopping for a little while longer, but Birmingham residents cannot put off the winter weather anymore. So unpack your coats, scarves, and gloves because the temperature will be below freezing tonight. Just like you need to prep yourself for the cold, your home needs some preparations for the season!

Heat: test your heat to make sure it works now. Go ahead and run the emergency heat to burn off any dust that has accumulated. That “burning smell” can actually set off your fire alarms!

During FREEZE WARNINGS: Keep your kitchen and tub faucets dripping during the night.

Keep your kitchen & bathroom doors open. This helps the heat inside the house circulate around the plumbing.

Do you know where your main water cut off is? The water cut off is typically at your water meter near the street and will require a pair of pliers to turn off. If a pipe bursts you will be able to minimize damage if you are able to cut the water off at the meter. There are also water cut offs for each sink and toilet, generally located below each.

Hope these tips will help you avoid any wintry home disasters. I also recommend staying in doors with a warm cup of hot cocoa! 😉

Posted by: alrentalmanagers on November 13, 2014
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