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About Us

Alabama Rental Managers is centrally located in Alabama and locally owned. Established in 2006, we serve a growing need for a professional property management company that specializes in residential homes. We provide a full range of services to property owners including:
Hispanic family outside home for rent
1. Licensed Realtors to Accompany Prospects
One of our licensed agents will accompany each prospect that views the property. We feel that this not only keeps your property secure, but also increases the likelihood of renting the property.

2. Thorough Resident Screening Process
We process each application thoroughly to find a high quality tenant for your property. Our application process includes:
Credit Check, Background Check, Income Verification, Previous Rental History, and Employment Verification.

3. 24 Hour Maintenance Line
We have an after hours emergency line to ensure your property is taken care of and your resident’s emergencies are handled in a timely manner.

4. Monthly & Year-End Accounting Statements
Owner Income, including rent and other fees, are accounted for on monthly owner statements as well as year-end summary reports, taking the hard work out of tax preparation.

5. Interior Property Inspections
As the property manager, we are your eyes and ears for the property. We can perform periodic inspections upon request.

6. Direct Deposit Available
For your convenience, we deposit your rent directly into your bank account once it is processed.